dft’s 2021 magical holiday extravaganza

employees and clients from dft’s past and present gather for a night of magic, gifts, and holiday surprises

listen—after having to hold last year’s company holiday party over zoom, we here at digitalfilm tree were desperate to do something—anything!—other than stare at digital talking heads for our holiday shindig this year. and if current (and necessary!) health precautions were going to preclude the party from happening at l.a.’s vaunted magic castle, well, we were just going to have to bring the magic castle to dft.

with that spirit in mind, we held one of dft’s largest (and safest—all guests were fully vaccinated, and the soirée was held outdoors in our own backyard) parties ever, with a massive meal, delightful desserts, a full-service bar, raffles for some truly amazing gifts, a white elephant gift exchange, and best of all, our post-production bays were transformed into magic parlors in which magic castle magicians mike piscioa, handsome jack, and chris korn held court (with all guests being masked when indoors, of course), while robert ramirez performed “wandering magic” at various random spots amongst those celebrating outside. current dft staff, former members of the team, and clients from our many, many productions all joined together for a chance to catch up, reminisce, and actually see one another in person (some for the first time in over a year!).

after a long year of struggles and successes, of challenges and conquests, this was dft’s chance to embrace what the holidays are all about: to gather with those we love and celebrate one another, and the time we have together, and the stories we tell together, while sharing laughs and gifts and drinks and magic under the stars of a crisp winter night. and that’s a night—and a gift—we’ll remember for a long time to come.