dft’s ugly holiday sweater contest, 2021 edition

dft’s office holiday party brings the ugly for a lovely night

following our magical holiday extravaganza party for clients and employees of past, present and future earlier this month, dft’s office holiday party was a far more intimate–but no less fun, or magical, or hilarious–affair. after a massively hearty holiday meal outdoors (keepin it covid-compliant), the dft team stayed warm beneath many fuzzy layers of ugly, ugly holiday sweaters for our annual ugly sweater contest.

finishing producer silvia, whose sweater was like a full-on terry gilliam movie, took first place in the contest; hr manager renita’s christmas tree sweater (backed-up with a base of knee-high red boots) was second place; 3rd place was taken by dylan, our head of vfx, who wished the team a very fieri christmas; finally vfx editor joshua took fourth place with an eye-haunting sweater and vest combo. it was as ugly (and lovely) a holiday party as we could have possibly had.