equity in post survey results for 2023

digitalfilm tree (dft) partnered with katie hinsen, founder and data analyst of the post production rate survey. now in its 8th year, the world wide survey has been credited with helping to bring pay transparency to all areas of post production. the survey is anonymous and acts as a snapshot of our industry.

hinsen also stopped by the drop at dft (video viewable above) for our dfttalks season to discuss the rate survey further with nancy jundi (coo/cfo) and avital shalev (director of creative services).

recently, hinsen released the results of the survey and below are some of the stand out data points:

  • unscripted content received the most responses with over 350 wage earners participating.
  • editorial was the largest sector representing 56% of respondents.
  • 67% of those surveyed identified as male, an increase from 2022, and 7% increase YOY.
  • 31.6% identified as female, a drop from 2022 which was 33.6%.
  • in 2023, disabled people made 25% less than their colleagues.
  • in colorist roles, men made an average of $140/hr while women made around $103/hr. however, the overall adjusted average pay for a colorist in 2023 was $118.81 per hour.
  • 2023 saw people of color working in post at a rate of 18% less than their white colleagues.
  • average pay for all respondents was $72.54, women made $63.12 per hour, while men made $77.42 per hour, and those identifying as non binary made $53.82 per hour. those identifying as white made $75.27 per hour, while people of color made $61.72 per hour.
  • despite a consistent closing of the racial pay gap for editors since 2017, it widened again in 2022, reaching a 9% disparity. 2023 revealed an overall racial pay gap of 18%. this is an increase from 15% in 2022.

while many of these numbers are frustrating, and the work ahead of us as employers and peers is ever more pressing, we remain humbled by katie and the work she has allowed us to help her continue. please join us in spreading the survey next year, as well as sharing this information with colleagues throughout the year.