from the desk of the coo – mar 8th, 2024

well, it’s already march! 

this international women’s day means quite a bit more to me than years past. from looking around our industry and seeing the results of the rate survey, to thinking about the rights we’ve lost and continue to fight for in america, it’s been a difficult stretch to hear our own voices through the weathering. 

digitalfilm tree was 19 people when i returned to the team 5 years ago. at the time there were a mere 5 women, or only 25% of the team, all but one in an administrative function with little feeling of ownership over their roles. 

today, our team is 50 members strong, and a third is female. our employee owners are also a third female, and senior management is 66% female. since 2019 and having made those changes, we’ve reported record profits yoy, weathered two of the greatest challenges in our industries history, and not only maintained our team, but further empowered clients with new ways to bring their stories to life. 

it’s simply not enough to “empower” women. we are empowered. we’ve always had voices. we’ve always been resourceful, innovative, bankable and gravity defying. 

on this international women’s day, as i sit here at sxsw listening to elizabeth bramson-boudreau, the ceo and publisher of the mit technology review, i’m increasingly proud of the many women who contribute at digitalfilm tree – we are leaders in finance, vfx, cyber security, deliverables, and on and on. 

we are very aware of our power. we are proud of our voices. and we are exceptionally ready for who and how we can bring along as we power forward. 

advocate for women. 
pay women. 
invest in them and your own futures with vc funding, ownership shares, more seats at the table and public platforms. 

“i ask no favor for my sex. all i ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.” – sarah moore grimké (often misattributed to rbg, who regularly shared this quote publicly)

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with gratitude,

nancy jundi